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>> On Fri 09 May, Miroslav Silovic wrote:

>Now while this addresses the problem of making people *not* fight, it
>doesn't give them other things to do. Another problem you didn't
>mention is that on many MUDs, the fastest way to get experience (and
>rise in power) is by killing mobs. (for that matter, I wonder how
>would giving negative XP for killing affect the player base *evil

I'm firmly of the view that levels, classes, XP, HP etc should have
been adandoned long long ago as models for a game.  They promote
short-circuited silly solutions to really quite enjoyable problems.

What do I see a character properly getting from killing a mob or
another player?

  Weaker from his wounds.

  Deterioration of equipment used in the fight.
  Stronger from the excercise.

  Possible skill gains from the practice.

  Possible EQ gains from the corpse.

  Possible rumours spreading about the death.

There's not a whole lot there.  I don't like blood soaked Monty Hauls.

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