[MUD-Dev] Re: Administrative notes

Miroslav Silovic silovic at srce.hr
Tue May 13 10:21:28 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

> As far as risk is involved, the main reason I consider a game worth
> playing is if I have a chance at loosing.  If there is no risk of loosing,
> where is the fun?
> Todd

This doesn't make much sense, in the light of the fact that when character
'dies', it's merely a nuissance. Not 'losing' in any way.

Of course, most WoD MUSHes give you only one life. When you die, you're
*DEAD*. Please rename to <yourname>DEAD, say your goodbyes, then reapply
for another character (and application/creation process takes a week).
Now /this/ is what I call risk. And it a) gives you adrenaline rush each
time you decide to fight, and b) makes you think twice before you do.

You also didn't respond to the original poster's question: Why obsession
with slaying mobs? Why would my character (who happens to be a devoted
follower of his god, and has seen the Light - you know the spiel) take
a mace and go around to hack at the mobs? Furthermore, while you won't
learn programming by just taking a book and reading it, you won't learn
it by killing the best programmer in the city, either. You also won't
learn it by taking risks (the best way to learn about SCSI is *not* to
wire it to the wall socket and see what happens. You need to Read The
Fucking Manual :) ).

Again, many players simply want the ability to change their characters
over time. Just pumping them with skills is neat, in a way, but doesn't
contribute much to the /characters/. Perhaps allowing advance only by
questing is a passable solution, provided also that the it's allowed
to players to create and run the quest (with overview from imms). While
I repeated it zillion times, at least, well, I'm happy to announce that
at least on LPMUD actually got to implementing this.

And then, some MUSHes give XP in *very* small quantities, based on
player votes (i.e. players give votes for the people they perceive as
good roleplayers). While this has an obvious drawback (popularity is
*VERY* much rewarded), people who have great, funny characters and who
go out in public also get rewarded (and I don't really care about the
fact that the method is subjective. Neither do those who play such
MUSHes, and those that do care, are quite free to go somewhere else.
:) )


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