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At 07:17 PM 5/13/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>In <fxciv0pagil.fsf at phantasm.thekeep.org>, on 05/11/97 
>C has adavantages in having a very small clean syntax.  There's a lot
>to be said for that.  Like ColdC I try to be very C-like in my
>language, except that its type-less, pointer-less, has no concept of a
>process environment, and doesn't really have a stack outside of the
>execution of an individual method (everything is a message).

Hmm, sounds something like my Kelvin-C, though i do have a stack (basicly a
method invocationc auses a new frame on the stack) becaus eI fidn
tyracebacks and such so damn useful in debugging.

The toher thing ColdC has that Im steealign for kelvin is buitl in
lisp-like operations. these are incredibly useful.

One big difference btw ColdC and Kelvin-C is that Kelvin has no real
"primitive tyopes." It has some objects the language knwos how to instacenm
(int, string and such) BUT the expression A+B is valid on ANY 2 objects..
it is 100% equivelent to the method invocation A.#plus(B)  (in Kelvin-C
methoid names are identified with a #).

Still havent decided what Im doign with Kelvin though.... I really want to
leverage the JAVA stuff... so much that Im considering re-writing the
Kelvin-VM in JAVA...

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