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On Tue, 13 May 1997 clawrenc at cup.hp.com wrote:

> [Ling (me :)]
> >Most of that is in the driver.  There's this amazing little function
> >called parse_sentance() which does all the handling for the mudlib. 
> >I'm taking a peek at it right now, here's a cut and paste of the code
> >for the put verb, I'll break it down into pseudo code if anyone
> >wants:
> While that source shows a very basic implementation it doesn't
> demonstrate any ability to handle the sorts of ambiguity that ChrisG
> and I have been discussing.

Vague stab in the dark.  You want climb window to work in a room.  You
clone an object and stick it in the room, the object is invis and is
called window.  It also contains the function:

climb_window() {

I think that forms the basis of the mudlib.  Not too sure to be honest.

> >I imagine random plotlines more along the lines of Syndicate.
> Not familar with that one.  Describe?

Syndicate is a computer game of the 'tactical' genre.  There's a sequel to
it called Syndicate Wars which I've not touched.  What it boils down to is

Boss tells you your next job, gives you some hints on how to go about it,
you execute the job.  I can imagine the random plotlines running something
like this.  After all, creating npcs you can interact with properly would
earn me multple PhD's, I'll just settle for shooting npcs with various

Having sat through all those RP notes, I decided that pure RP is too scary
for me.  I'm not a pure RPer as such, I partially play myself when
playing on paper, I'm not an actor! :)  I really can't comprehend the
muds that are based on reinforced RP, the ones where you spend weeks
researching on your character background.  I can easily imagine myself
walking through one of these muds and being extremely critical of everyone
else and watching how they act whilst being very self aware.  I won't
be comfortable in the slightest.

I'm gonna put my hands up and admit that I'm going to use a bastardised

 * Players are encouraged to RP by being overwhelmed with the culture and
   detail of the mud.  Everything from slang to ettiquette and
   politics will be accessable on a big database (that is common sense
   stuff).  Players oughta be able to type:

	> recall apple
	Apples are amazing green things which make a crunching sound
	when you bite them and the juice runs everywhere.
	Definitely amazing.

	> recall sanguine
	Sanguine is a G5 type star system.  The Prime world is Shanterra
	and, etc, etc, etc

   I've just got a big book of material I wrote that just needs to be
   indexed and stored in the database, few years work maybe. :)

 * Failure to comply results in... nothing.

The players I want to attract are the hybrid of the two RP and
PowerGamers.  I don't want either extremes, they simple don't appeal.
Having said that, I can't think of an example, I just sat here for ten
minutes in low power consumption idle mode.  I need more carbohydrates.

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