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> 05/09/97 
>    at 10:33 PM, Oliver Jowett <oliver at> said:
> >About 2 weeks ago, I set up a moderated mud-design list after getting
> >fed  up with the level of noise on the merc/rom/etc lists. That was
> >roughly 4  days before I was made aware of this list :()
> Is the list running?

Yes, in fact I believe you are subscribed and active :)

Send 'subscribe mud-design' in the body of an email to majordomo at
to subscribe. The list seems to have ended up somewhat more code-based
than this one (from what I have seen here), and the majority of
subscribers are from a diku-style background. It's moderated to help
remove the noise, and open-subscription. 

[mud-design is a bit of a misnomer, but I couldn't come up with a better 
name in the time available]

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