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>Quick true story bvy way of example:  I had a character ina Superhero
>(pen and paper) game that bercame one of the odlest and highest
>respected heros in that world, he even survivied a system change (V&V
>to Champions) and time slip into the future and became the fatehr of
>the next generation hero and somewhat of a leader... he also alogn
>the way became crippled... basicly the prof X of the game.  He
>finally died by taking one the great villians of the world, who had
>also been one of his oldest freinds (basicly Magneto) out an airlock
>into vaccum with him.

>Thsi was a fitting end for one of the greatest men that world had
>seen as well as being "tight" in the film-plot sense.  
>Had he died by being hit by a car in a random accident it would have
>been a very inappropriate and ugly anti-climax.

I'll guess then that your not a fan of existentialist French novels. 
Funny really -- I always thought that having the mass super-hero who
had gone out at saved the world, cured world hunger, rescued drowning
kittens everywhere etc etc etc then going home and dieing when he
tripped his tow and broke his neck on the stairs as a sight more


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