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>[Chris L:]
>:C has adavantages in having a very small clean syntax.  There's a lot
>:to be said for that.  Like ColdC I try to be very C-like in my
>:language, except that its type-less, pointer-less, has no concept of a
>:process environment, and doesn't really have a stack outside of the
>:execution of an individual method (everything is a message).

>Erf! I can't let that go by! C has a small clean syntax??? C has a
>horrible syntax, and when you add the preprocessor and then C++ goop,
>it isn't even close to small! A language with a small clean syntax
>(but which has some other fundamental problems) is Pascal.

Okay, I'm speaking of the base language with its 32 reserved keywords,
not the preprocessor, not C++, etc.  Just the reserved keywords, their
semantics, and the handling of expressions.

<<I tend to think that a pointerless typeless C with a couple touches
added for OO (inheritance mainly) would do very nicely for a MUD

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