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>> And here comes the really nasty context-driven ambiguities:
>>   put the paper under the book on the table.
>> Does this mean to take the paper that is currently under the book and
>> to put it on the table, or does it mean to take the paper and place it
>> under the book which is located on the table?
>> I suspect that I'll have to arrive at a general handler for such which
>> attempts to resolve both conditions and then picks the one which is
>> actually support (ie there is no book on the table so it must be the
>> other parse, or there is no paper under a book so it must be the other
>> parse, or it is unresolvable).

>Actually if you've ever seen Prolog program, you'd know that this is
>trivial to implement in Prolog. 

Somewhere I even have a copy of Turbo-Prolog...

..Comment on functional languages and backtracking ellided...

Will research.  I don't have a background with functional languages.

>is of course implementation picture, on the language level, it's
>*VERY* easy to use - you simply see it as functions being constructed
>on the spot and passed around. Good Scheme compilers execute this
>only a little slower than optimized C would execute).


(mental light flickers on)

Ahh.  Yes.  Hurm.  Cute.  Hurm...

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