Administration: Subscription problems

clawrenc at clawrenc at
Thu May 15 11:45:19 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

The listadmin at account died sometime within the last two weeks
(a site I depend on silently vanished from the net).  I don't have an
exact time on the death (I'll know more when I can examine the logs at
home, but even that will only give me a "it can't have been earlier
than XXX.").  

I've fixed the problem, and it should never happen again.  The
listadmin at address is again working just fine.

However, any messages (subscribe/unsubscribe) to listadmin at
within the last fortnight or so are history.  They are gone.  They
probably won't even bounce.  As such if you sent out invitations to
anyone and they are still waiting to get on the list, tell them to
re-send their subscription message.  Their first message has joined
the great bit-bucket in core.

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