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Fri May 16 21:16:25 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On 16/05/97 at 06:49 PM, Ling <K.L.Lo-94 at student.lut.ac.uk> said:

>PS:  Do most people send stuff at around 4:00 am GMT or does our admin
>read them thru first?

The list is run on a dialup machine.  I tend to dial-in when I come home
from work, and before I leave in the morning.  Almost all of the traffic
comes in here during the evening.

Side notes:  This may be changing.  There are two promises in the wind for
this area:  Cable modems: which would mean this machine would be online
24hrs a day and I'd finally be able to offer a real FTP/Web site et al
(and get rid of bloody sendmail).  ISDN: which would mean I'd set a cron
job to have the machine dial-up at 20:00hrs sharp and hang up at 05:00hrs
sharp (toll free ISDN during that period for this area).

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