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Fri May 16 21:58:15 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

For those of you with an OO/Design patterns bent, I recently ran across
the following:

>	Gang of Four (Design Patterns):
>	  Mail-to: gang-of-4-patterns-request at cs.uiuc.edu
>	  Subject: subscribe

>	Siemens Patterns (Pattern Oriented Software Architecture): 
>	  Mail-to: siemens-patterns-request at cs.uiuc.edu
>	  Subject: subscribe

>	Patterns (General):
>	  Mail-to: patterns-request at cs.uiuc.edu
>	  Subject: subscribe

>	Patterns Discussion:
>	  Mail-to: patterns-discussion-request at cs.uiuc.edu
>	  Subject: subscribe

>	Organization Patterns:
>	  Mail-to: organization-patterns-request at cs.uiuc.edu
>	  Subject: subscribe

>	There are also some newsletters that deal with patterns
>      (sometimes):

>	Coad Letter:
>	  Mail-to: Majordomo at lists.oi.com
>	  Content: subscribe coad-letter

>	Object Discussion Group:
>	  Mail-to: majordomo at lists.oi.com
>	  Content: subscribe odg

>	Object Technology User's Group (UML):
>	  Mail-to: Majordomo at rational.com
>	  Content: subscribe otug


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