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Sat May 17 12:56:33 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On 17/05/97 at 11:23 AM, "Jon A. Lambert" <jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com> said:
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>> Side notes:  This may be changing.  There are two promises in the wind for
>> this area:  Cable modems: which would mean this machine would be online
>> 24hrs a day and I'd finally be able to offer a real FTP/Web site et al
>> (and get rid of bloody sendmail).  ISDN: which would mean I'd set a cron
>> job to have the machine dial-up at 20:00hrs sharp and hang up at 05:00hrs
>> sharp (toll free ISDN during that period for this area).

>It would be interesting if someone had a mud server/talker for mud
>designers to log into.  Maybe with mail support, boards,  cut n paste,

The problem with Talkers etc for this type of forum is that thay have no
real sense of history or context -- finding something that was said back
when and replying to it much later with a decent frame of reference is
damned near impossible.  They're are also a bitch to log in a form which
can be decently read/parsed, intelligently clipped from.  

>Of course email tends to be more thought out and leisurely.

Yup.  It also provides a paper trail so that any thread can be traced back
all the way to its roots and forward to its (possibly many) conclusions. 
I keep logs of everything here (I never delete any email, no matter how
trivial) cross-indexed and searchable up the ying-yang by various
automated tools for that very reason.  It gives a sense of context and
reference that I feel is invaluable.  MUD chat is just too ephemeral.

((this is probably why I'm so lost without my archives at work))

>Just a thought.

If the cable modems do come in here (looks like it) I do intend to make
the list archives available along with various other collected documents
and references.

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