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Sat May 17 13:42:09 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On 16/05/97 at 11:23 PM, cg at ami-cg.graysage.edmonton.ab.ca (Chris Gray)

>:> Umm, "its not that unsafe"? What is unsafe at all? And no, the fact that
>:> I can efficiently implement the language isn't necessarily part of the
>:> specification of the language, but it is certainly something that I will
>:> be concerned about just as much as the details of the language spec.
>:Don't worry about it too much. If Scheme can be compiled to run about
>:as fast as C, then anything else can. :)

>Grfff! Can you please tell me what you are saying is unsafe in my setup?
>If there is a problem I want to fix it!

>Perhaps it is time to take this off the mailing list?

Please don't.  I'm interested in this thread and it has a lot to do with
the design of an internal language for a MUD server (ie is on topic).

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