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>Hate to reply with only a one liner message so I'll make it all two
>lines. Read Watchmen, 

Absolutely.  Another good couple are Neil Gaiman's Violent Cases, and The
New Statesmen (which really doesn't even come close to Miller or Watchmen,
but tries).

Even there Watchmen doesn't really apply all that well to the anti-climax. 
Sure the Comedian died simplistically, but that occurred before he was
ever introduced as a character, and in many ways _was_ consistant with him
character.  Voight took a slightly more stellar crash-dive, but again was
modelled the standard anti-hero (Rorshach) wins the day despite and in

>I prefer 'anti-climax' endings too, I suppose it's rather 'unamerican'.

Much to be said for that.

>Although, this sort of thing has become a bit cliche as well.

For me it actually is more believable and realistic.  I've know a few
"great men" and while they all have undoubtedly been great, they've also
had their weaknesses, stupidies, gullibilities, and human foibles. 
Everything from the civic leader who achieved great things in his
community but then went home to drink himself to sleep, to the decorated
navy seal who could never keep a penny to his name.

<<FWLIW I used to live two blocks from Neil G.  It was he that introduced
me to Watchmen up at The Forbidden Planet back when it was on Denmark.>>

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