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Matt Chatterley root at mpc.dyn.ml.org
Sat May 17 22:02:27 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Sat, 17 May 1997 coder at ibm.net wrote:

> On 17/05/97 at 11:15 AM, Matt Chatterley <root at mpc.dyn.ml.org> said: >On
> Fri, 16 May 1997, Adam Wiggins wrote:
> >Do you enforce an economy so that players must buy things? How do you
> >stop them just pretending to have them? Should you stop them? And the
> >other thousand economy questions illustrate how one seemingly 'popular'
> >system of creating interdependancy (ie, by finance) causes trouble.
> >Another thread in it's own right.
> Anyone who is thinking of attempting anything like an economy should readl
> the various Palace archives and see their problems and accidental
> successes with money and violence in the game.  It really was a series of
> happy accidents and ill-covered botches.  If sufficient interest (yes,
> reply here) I'll dig them up and post copies here.

I'd certainly be interested in seeing them.. trying to create a believable
(and interesting) medieval (fictionalised medieval admittedly) style
economy is something that intruiges me as a possibility for Caffeine.

Right now we just made basic decisions and steps (to allow working of
material, thus all materials have values per mass, thus a gold coin is
infact about 50 grammes of gold with the given value of 1gp, and thusly
money has weight).

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