[MUD-Dev] Re: Administrative notes

ashen ashen at pixi.com
Sun May 18 19:38:21 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

: From: Adam Wiggins <nightfall at inficad.com>
[Re:Nathan's 'don't need to always fight']
: You pick the fights you can win.  Also, not all (in fact, I'd like
: to think most) fights don't end in the death of one of the oponents.

consider a mode of fighting that is 'engage' instead of 'kill'.
call it what you like, but the point is that once the opponent's
health has reached a low percentage of his original, he lapses
into a nice 1-minute bout of unconsciousness, during which
time he can be looted. :-)  of course, if you deal too much in
the way of damage...woops, you beat him to death.

on an unrelated thread, Re: player-programmed objects,
my theme allows that area coders are partially enslaved to
the political leaders of that area.  by this method i hope not
only to promote the player-run politics system as being a goal
that's honestly not empty in power, and also to ensure that
only the admin/imps are exposed to the bother of the code.

-John (ashen at pixi.com)
"We could rise and take it all.  Someday we probably will."

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