[MUD-Dev] Re: Issues from the digests and Wout's list

Miroslav Silovic silovic at srce.hr
Mon May 19 03:15:18 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

> Aside: I'm actually considering making user-programming a dangerous
> activity unless done under very guarded circumstances...  Probably this
> would take the form of user-programming realising "aethir" (for want of a
> bettter world).  Said aethir flows like a liquid in much the same ways as
> mana, but also has the interesting property of attracting rather vicious
> predatory teleportory beasties who are intensely irritated by it.

Errrrrrrrr, *UGH*! This invites another topic: you see, this is great
example of mixing out-of-character activity (user-programming) with
in-character results (beasties). I haven't seen anything good coming
out of it yet.

The similar example: causing commands that failed because of typos to
have IC consequences (for instance, typing 'west', when there is no
exit to west, should produce an error, because while player didn't
know that there is no exit, character certainly did know that. If it
causes the character to bump into the wall, loose 2 HP, get a crit and
die, well, I'd be ticked if it happened to me. *very* ticked. :) )

The alternative, in this case, is admin judging on per-case basis.
For instance, if a player is programming a super-duper mega-damage
sword, my way of dealing with it would be that player notifies the
admin, admin does a roll and decides if something went *boom*, if
it did, the scene is immediately played out, otherwise player is
free to code without hindrances.


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