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At 08:10 AM 5/20/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>On Mon, 19 May 1997, Jeff Kesselman wrote:
>> >consider a mode of fighting that is 'engage' instead of 'kill'.
>> >call it what you like, but the point is that once the opponent's
>> >health has reached a low percentage of his original, he lapses
>> >into a nice 1-minute bout of unconsciousness, during which
>> >time he can be looted. :-)  of course, if you deal too much in
>> >the way of damage...woops, you beat him to death.
>> The most common hosue rule in pen and paper AD&D in sunciousness.  The way
>> that works is that 0 is unconcious. Once unconcious you lose 1 point per
>> round until a friend binds your wounds, or you hit -10 at which point
you die.
>> Nice thing abt this is that it gives a STRONG incentive to band together
>> for safety.
>Minor note:  In first edition AD&D, this was the *official* rule, not
>a house rule.  In second edition it's no longer official.

Secondary minor note:
It was invented and used in the older D&D prior by players.
Virtually every "Advanced" extensuion in 1st ed AD&D was in fact a player
invented D&D house rule. back in tehd ays ebfore TSR got too big for their
britches they sued to publish such things in The Dragon, which is how they
got around. TSR collected em all and made em "official" in AD&D.

TSR, btw, incase anyone hasnt heard, is toast.  Thats what happens when you
decide your market is your enemy.  There is a letter of agreement bwt them
and Wizards of the Coast to buy them out.


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