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>A troll might like to chow down on a goat's carcass after he biffs it
>over the head, but a human would almost certainly cut it up and cook
>it first. This is an important distinction. Different races will have
>to eat slightly different things.

Don't forget that cooked food is significantly less nourishing than
uncooked.  As a friend once put it, "All cooking does is make food
more dead."  There's a lot to be said for going au naturale, and I'd
expect your players to notice that.

>We have both normal rooms, and our own mappable virtual room areas,
>you can create a map such as:

>XXXXXXXXXX	X = impassable terrain
>**########	* = swamp
>*######@##	# = grassland
>XXXXXXXXXX	@ = a lake

>and set a scale for each room - this map would be converted into
>normal rooms with randomly set sizes, descriptions, weather suited to
>the area, and so forth.

The problem with virtual rooms, which can be handled is when players
make a change to a virtual room which requires them to become
permanent, or the notice something in a virtual room and refer to it
later expecting it to be permanent.


  > l 
  You are in a forest...(desc of forest)
  > cut blaze on tree
  You cut your sigil on a nearby tree.


  > l
  You are in a forest...yada yada something about an oak tree.
  ...much later...
  > say "Just go east in the forest until you see the Oak tree, 
  and then head west..."

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