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>> From: coder at ibm.net
>> Side notes:  This may be changing.  There are two promises in the wind 
>> for this area:  Cable modems: which would mean this machine would be 
>> online 24hrs a day and I'd finally be able to offer a real FTP/Web site >>et al

>Um. not unless it was a VERY slow one.

>Virtually all cable modems are asymetric, whiel they provide
>(theoreticl;y) great downstream bandwidth to the user, they provide
>not much mroe thena standard modem back upstream. (Soem even USE a
>seperate telephone loine and modem, depending on whether the cable
>comapny is willign to install the back-channel equiptment on their
>net or not.)

In this specific case (when it comes to my area) they are offering a
fixed IP address, and (as you say) shared upstream bandwidth.  Judging
from the effective upstream bandwidth a friend is experiencing with
the same company in the LA basin (where there are many subscribers to
the net service), effective upstream bandwidth usually runs
equivalently to a dedicated bonded ISDN pair (128Kbps).

As happens said friend is also running a web site from his home
machine -- thru-put is quite respectable.

>Cable mdoems are another one of those misunderstood technologies that
>everyone is playing wishful-thinking on...

Yup, but this is one of the better offerings AFACT.

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