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In <199705190137.DAA06578 at regoc.srce.hr>, on 05/18/97 
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>Errrr, you are probably wrong about it. While DIKUs are pretty much
>all similar (this is my humble opinion, feel free to contradict), and
>LPs, while they have more potential to diversity, still don't vary
>too much, MOOs can be and are *wildly* modified. I've seen anything
>from MUSE clone to DIKU close (believe it or not!).

I'd argue this one.  I know many of the variant MOO's you reference. 
I also know of several LP's which stray even further from the fold. 

  LPMOO -- a very fine MOO clone coded in LPC which can run 
    almost all of LambdaCore

  Tron -- one of the very true PK games, and very original (as a MUD) 
    within that genre.

  BatMud -- Just have a look.

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