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>Oh, no kidding!  How about the difference between Mandarin and other
>dialects of Chinese?  Or how about the difference between Amercian
>english and British english after a pithy 221 years - I can barely
>understand those British freaks sometimes! *duck*

Try 'strine some time then (Australian slang), with an even shorter
divergent history.  It is a whole new world out there.

>Obviously this is highly simplified, but this is a great candidate
>for the lifepath stuff.  Ie, "Your father was a travelling merchant,
>trading mainly along the route between the dwarven kingdom and the
>human cities." would give you a nice knowledge of dwarven.

If I judged that way (by my lineage and familial activities) I should
be able to speak English, American, French, Italian, Swiss-German,
German, Dutch, Iranian, Spanish, Basque, and Turkish.  Truth to tell a
large part of my extended family *does* speak all that that lot
fluently and with several other languages besides.  Equally truth to
tell, I come in there for a paltry couple.

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