[MUD-Dev] (fwd) Re: Issues from the digests and Wout's list

Adam Wiggins nightfall at inficad.com
Wed May 21 00:27:03 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

> >Errrr, you are probably wrong about it. While DIKUs are pretty much
> >all similar (this is my humble opinion, feel free to contradict), and
> >LPs, while they have more potential to diversity, still don't vary
> >too much, MOOs can be and are *wildly* modified. I've seen anything
> >from MUSE clone to DIKU close (believe it or not!).
[Chris L:]
> I'd argue this one.  I know many of the variant MOO's you reference. 
> I also know of several LP's which stray even further from the fold. 
> Examples:
>   LPMOO -- a very fine MOO clone coded in LPC which can run 
>     almost all of LambdaCore

Heh.  Never quite understood what it is that motivates people to write
stuff like this.  Cool, but really rather strange.  In the same vein
I've seen Mac (System 7) and Amiga (AmigaDOS?) emulators for the PC that
run software for their native systems without a hitch.  While I'm
impressed with the programming, I can't help but wonder who writes
these things...

>   Tron -- one of the very true PK games, and very original (as a MUD) 
>     within that genre.

Yeah!  One of the few muds I've been on that the imps complained I wasn't
swearing enough.  (Which is amazing, because I have a pretty foul mouth.)
Tons of fun stuff on Tron...a great way to just relax and have some
feverent, keyboard-pounding fun.  I played Tron II but didn't recall
being all that impressed.

>   BatMud -- Just have a look.

This one is stunning for its size, if nothing else.  It's the only
LP I know of that regularly sustains several hundred players.  I heard
someone quote a stat that they had around 160,000 objects after 24 hours
of uptime.  They must have some serious RAM on that machine...

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