[MUD-Dev] Re: Player coding and security

Shawn Halpenny malachai at iname.com
Wed May 21 10:30:45 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Jeff Kesselman wrote:
> The big issue I have with player coding noone seems to have mentioedn yet--
> security.  In a commercial game (sorry, but thats my world) where players
> are ALREADY trying to cheat through nay means possible, player server
> coding is ONLY possible with an EXTREMELY tight security model that knows
> what is and isnt reasasonable  for player code to effect.  Otherwise you
> end up having to carefully examine EVERY peice of user code for potential
> loopholes, trap doors. etc.
> Frankly thats more work IMO then just coding the building blocks your world
> builders need on an as needed basis.
> JK

There were a few posts a couple weeks back, most substantively from
Chris Lawrence (I think), where inheritance was explored as a security
model.  I've no definite security model in mind yet, but I'll certainly
need one.  How many of us are looking to have some form of
user-programming anyway?  And to what degree are things
user-programmable, for that matter?

Shawn Halpenny

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