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>> I'd argue this one.  I know many of the variant MOO's you reference. 
>> I also know of several LP's which stray even further from the fold. 
>> Examples:
>>   LPMOO -- a very fine MOO clone coded in LPC which can run 
>>     almost all of LambdaCore

>Heh.  Never quite understood what it is that motivates people to
>write stuff like this.  Cool, but really rather strange.  

Probably the same reason there are Sinclair ZX8[01] and Sinclair
Colour computer emulators for OS/2.  Those old Sinclair games were fun
-- but I can't really see spending much time on them now.

>I'm impressed with the programming, I can't help but wonder who
>writes these things...


>>   BatMud -- Just have a look.

>This one is stunning for its size, if nothing else.  It's the only LP
>I know of that regularly sustains several hundred players.  I heard
>someone quote a stat that they had around 160,000 objects after 24
>hours of uptime.  They must have some serious RAM on that machine...

They do.  Last I heard they were running (or were about to?) on an
2-CPU SMP machine with over 128Meg of RAM.  See their web site for the
real scoop (I'm probably wrong).

To me the most interesting thing about BatMud is that one the face of
it (ie entering as a new player) it largely appears as a variation on
the theme of every other Hack'n'Slash game out there.  Its only after
you play for a while that the you start to realise the extra depth
they've added, and that there are a *LOT* more base mechanics
involved.  In this way it provides a very elegant ramp-up for the
twink player into a quality game.

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