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Miroslav Silovic silovic at srce.hr
Wed May 21 11:18:01 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

> At 08:10 AM 5/20/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
> >> [Miro:]
> >> 
> >> :Which brings us to another topic: MUD as strategy game vs MUD as
> >> :roleplaying game. I suggest you spend a couple of weeks on some
> >> :newbie-friendly MUSH, where you will be /forced/ to stay in character
> Hmm... Im very much into MUD as RP game but it comes from my pen and paper
> background.
> Can someone suggest one or two top quality newbie freindly MUSHes?  Im not
> a newbie RPer but I dont want to have to go through an applciaiton process
> that will take a long time just to see how they are doign things...

Hmm, I play PernMUSH (pern.mccr.org 4201, *NO* stats or applications,
lots of people, lots of newbiehelpers, but familiarity with Pern desired).
Elendor 1893 (chars are also trivial to obtain)
Dragonlance harker.dnaco.net 6666 (but seems down at the moment)
Cajun Nights (krynn.solace.mh.se 7373) (application required, but it
doesn't take more than an hour or two to get a char).
Crypt is a neat WoD-themed MUSH at 7171
A StarWars themed place 9999 (this is probably not the best
SW out there, but is pretty neat and you can get a char quickly).

I would tend to agree that problem with MUSHes is that they require
strong player involvement (i.e. it's hard for me to imagine anybody
getting into full swing on one in less than a week).

> Yet another side note: Thsi debate-- role playing v. rule playing, goes way
> back into pen and paper.  The MUD debate seems to just parallel everything
> we've gone through there...
> There are about 4 terms I am aware of for "rule players" in the rolepaly
> community...
> "Rule play"
> "Roll play"
> "GOPer (Game Oriented Player)"
> "MinMaxer (a specific kind of GOPing)"

What?! No "munchkin" ? :)


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