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>[claw at null.net:]
>>   LPMOO -- a very fine MOO clone coded in LPC which can run 
>>     almost all of LambdaCore

>And rather useless, from the experience of the people who ran it
>(it's several times slower than MOO, and MOO is rather slow to start
>with). Still quite remarkable. :)

Odd.  I followed it last about a year ago when it was a large topic of
conversation and debate on MOO-COWS.  At that time the general
concensus was that LPMOO was an order of magnitude slower than
LambdaMOO for certain operations, but if those operations were avoided
or approached differently (different API's used) then LPMOO would
often test out faster than LambdaMOO running the same code (I recall
10% - 15% performance deltas being discussed).  It all came down to
tuning the DB for the server implementation.

>>   BatMud -- Just have a look.

>Incidentally, I'll take a look at BatMUD - although from the first
>glance, it looks way too much like 'pile up the features' sort. (but
>I heard too many good things about it to resist taking a closer look
>:) )

In many ways BatMud is a Monty Haul game.  It takes some playing and
examination of the system to discover that they've actually built-in a
very detailed and ofttimes amazingly elegant system to underlie that. 
Its one of those onion-type games.  It looks simple until you start
taking the layers off.

Note: Its been at least 8 months since I've logged onto BatMud.

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