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>There were a few posts a couple weeks back, most substantively from
>Chris Lawrence (I think), where inheritance was explored as a
>security model.  

Yup.  Dat's me.  Essentially I take Cool's per-object security model
(each object and method determines its own security criteria), and
provide APIs for easy testing of the inheritance tree of the
method-caller and message-source (who originated the event) as the
basis of determining validity of access.

>How many of us are looking to have some
>form of user-programming anyway?  


>And to what degree are things
>user-programmable, for that matter?

I don't impose limits in the server.  The DB may model various limits
and attempt to impose them on the rest of the DB.  As such I put
damned near nothing that is game-oriented in the server proper (ie the
server has no concept of containment, command parsing, placement, or
context).  Everything devolves to the DB.

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