[MUD-Dev] Languages

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Wed May 21 22:58:20 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

> From: coder at ibm.net
> This is a classic lightweight implementation of Dynamic DNS.  See
> www.ml.org for details on the area.  Good stuff.
That's how I've been doing me alpha testing! ml.org is has been pretty
reliable and best of all its free.  The most you have to wait is 10
minutes for a IP refresh after a reboot or crash(ack).  Works especially
well for telnet, not as well for web browsers.
Netcom, my ISP, now has a "feature" to auto-disconnect abusers of their 
services after a certain time-limit.  This DYNDNS service allows me 
continue to abuse my provider. *cheers*


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