Nutirtion and a Resource Question

Jeff Kesselman jeffk at
Fri May 23 14:46:54 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Right now I'm workign on a political/economic overgame that drives the
dynamics of this comemrical MUD Im workign on.

I have run into two questions that maybe you nutritionists and historians
can hel pme with, if you don't mind...

(1) I have a VERY simple set of nutritional catagories... basicly grains,
meats, fruits, nuts.
    What proportions of these must a person eat per time period to stay
    What symptoms do a difficiency of each one create?
    How long til symptoms first onset?

This turns out to be important in the economic overgame because I need to
establish the markets for each of these.  In addition, in the micro-verse
of the mud-players these needs should bve reflected to make it all consistent.

(2) There are basicly 5 kinds of tool construction materails available in this
    world: wood, iron, obsidian, glass, ceramic
    I knwo the properties of all but ceramic, which I am not clear on.
    What can be made from ceramic?  Can you get an edge on a ceramic object?
    What about tensile strength and weight?


Jeff Kesselman

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