[MUD-Dev] Languages

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Sat May 24 13:28:51 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Writing as the list owner:

  Discussion of the use of various programming languages or language
features for use in a MUD server or internal MUD language is on-topic. 
Discussion of the benefits of various syntactical forms, language
constructions, tracebacks, stack vs message based, etc for the same
areas is also on topic.

  Lets keep away from the OO-wars, the C++ is a dogs breakfast fights,
the JAVA is the one true religion crusades, the SNOBOL shall rule the
Earth lemming runs, and the S/360 assembler r00lz brain farts.  Its
not on topic, it has no chance of adding value to the list, it
certainly is not going to change anyone's opinion on the area, and
much more simply: I'm bored with them all.

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