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On Sat, 24 May 1997 13:35:27 PST8PDT, coder at ibm.net wrote:

>On 23/05/97 at 10:20 PM, caliban at darklock.com (Caliban Tiresias
>Darklock) said:
>>Actually, if properly *ahem* abstracted, this could be useful. I
>>don't think V.D. is terribly appropriate... but the birth/death cycle
>>is sort of a cool idea.
>There was a fairly extensive posts on r.g.m.* a while ago (month or
>two) for a proposal centreed on this very concept.  As I recall his
>key concept was awarding each new player a fixed number of "chronous"
>(cf chronon?) which they could then spend on character development.

There was a game by the name of Man, Myth, and Magic which was very very
nice... had a cool reincarnation concept and 'distant memory'.

Something I've discussed with some people is the idea that when a player
dies in a game with permanent death, it's terribly demoralising to start
over at ground zero. One thing I have considered doing is allowing them
to take some credit for previous accomplishments in the form of benefits
and artificial advancement for the next character. For example, in an
AD&D game, I'd give them some form of starting experience and equipment
that allows them to hold their own in the party; in a White Wolf game,
I'd give them some portion of the experience their previous character
had earned to buy skills and whatnot; in a Cyberpunk game, I'd probably
let them start with a greater budget for cybernetic enhancements. 

What are people's thoughts on this? Anyone out there doing something

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