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On Sat, 24 May 1997 20:21:12 PST8PDT, Jeff Kesselman
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>At 07:57 PM 5/24/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>I react very badly to this idea.  I think it encourages game-oriented playing.

The thought is that you take all the stuff the character used to have,
and modify it DOWNWARD significantly -- you still lose, just not as much
-- before giving that to the next character. Not as specific items, but
as a cash or XP value. Think of it like standard MUD setup... you lose
some amount of XP *and* some amount of money and possessions. 

Furthermore, the new character will be unable to reacquire some of the
stuff he once had. The reasoning behind this is to allow the player to
continue operating at a similar power level, where he has already
demonstrated an ability to perform well. 

>A roleplayer will get no solace out of this as what hurts is the lsot story
>potential of the character, not the "stuff".  
>And yo uare encouragign otehrs to veiw the game AS the acquisition of "stuff".
>Officailly, ICk!
>'course this is my baises as a serious roleplayer.

I see here that you appear to think I'm just saying 'give them stuff'...

I'm speaking more from the standpoint of skillsets, where (to use D&D
style terms) a 1st level character is completely outclassed by 12th
level characters. However, a 10th or 11th level character will only be
at a minor disadvantage; he can maintain the same associations with less
difficulty, and potentially keep several of his old contacts. If he's
anything like most players, he's now unused to being such a low level.
He'll be less effective, have less fun, and be easily discouraged from
continued play. 

His in-game friends will be at a loss for how to include him in their
actions; what use does anyone have for a level 1 character? The best he
can hope for is to become an apprentice, and only be along for the ride
-- contributing little or nothing to the group's efforts. Providing an
appropriate recognition of their previous efforts allows them to come
back only somewhat diminished in ability, rather than back at ground
zero, and to plausibly regain their old associates and duties of similar

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