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Nathan Yospe yospe at hawaii.edu
Sun May 25 12:20:24 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Sun, 25 May 1997, Chris Gray wrote:

::(I consider GC to be the key feature of a MUD language, after
::incredible ammount of time wasted on tracing leaks, bad access,
::and similar problems. C++ constructors and destructors alleviate
::this problem, but if you run out of luck, not even Purify will
::save you.)

:Is that in the MUD language, or the language used to implement the MUD?

:Neither of mine has a garbage collector. The implementation language is
:like C with syntax. The MUD language has types like strings, lists, tables,
:etc. mostly stored in the database (not strings, which are not use-
:counted). When a db entity's usecount goes to zero, it is deleted, and
:the use-counts of anything it points at decremented, etc.

Never really thought about this, but I DO have a GC for both... Yee! You
see, I wrote a reference counter (recursive references create a refset,
and external references are counted, so it is not prey to the usual bug
in reference counting schemes. I wrote it as a way to prevent memory
leaks. (I've already taken care of the pointer/array problem.) It never
struck me as that important, though... I can still use new and delete, and
do, though both have been overloaded, and as the ref counter tells me
whenever it has to clean anything up, and has not except for in the
testing process... as for the internal language... I admit it, I'm
coddling the builders! *shrug*
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