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Marian Griffith gryphon at iaehv.nl
Mon May 26 22:11:09 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Mon 19 May, Jon A. Lambert wrote:

> > > Elf starts with elven = 100%, human = 80%, dwarven = 50%.
> > > Dwarf starts with elven = 10%, human = 50%, dwarven = 100%.
> > > Human starts with elven = 5%, human = 100%, dwarven = 20%.

> Why 100% fluency in their native tongue? *grin*  If a character
> wishes to start as an uneducated street urchin, they might find
> themselves with a 75% fluency in their native tongue.

Yes, depending on their early history (as set up by the character
creation) their fluency may vary. In fact they may well learn a
different set of words. A noble is unlikely to know the same words
as the street urchin, simply because they live radically different
lifes. The first uses all kinds of words for phrasing things politically
but is unlikely to know the street language which talks about guards,
fencers, thugs and so on.

> I have a reading skill also.  I assume a literacy rate of not more 
> than 10%.  Player characters may or may not have reading initially
> depending on social/cultural background options.

Very nice idea that. Being unable to read initially and having to
consider to spend time (and resources) learning to. And in medieval
settings reading (and writing) were rare skills typically reserved
to (higher) clergy and to secretaries. Common people didn't need to
because that is what towncriers and minstrels are for. And the nobles
don't need to because they have their personel to do their reading and
writing for them ;)
It also allows people to set up a shop as a writer for those who can't
but need some official document to be drawn up. Or to read letters to
those who can't read.

Yes - at last - You. I Choose you. Out of all the world,
out of all the seeking, I have found you, young sister of
my heart! You are mine and I am yours - and never again
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Rolan Choosing Talia,
Arrows of the Queen, by Mercedes Lackey

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