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>Lemme try... write down how you learnt the your own skills:

>Trial and error, experimentation, accidental discovery.  If you
>incorporate assemblies into the game, this would be nice.  I learnt
>to walk by sticking a foot out to stop me falling over.

>Learning either by reciting or teachers and lots of drilling.  I
>learnt the multiplication tables by reciting, I learnt Fourier
>Transforms from a teacher.

>Walking home and being struck by lightning, plenty of deep thoughts,
>drawing what you know together.  I figured out linked lists before I
>knew they were normal practice in C by sheer boredom.

>Practice, bit foggy this as this overlaps with the first.  I learnt
>to type from mudding too much.

>Mix the ingredients, kneel in code until soft, bake for 40 minutes or
>until golden brown.

Precisely.  The problem is then how to model the accidental discovery,
repetition, and bolts from the blue in a playable, player-causitive
manner.  I have few ideas right now.

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