[MUD-Dev] RP thesis...

Marian Griffith gryphon at iaehv.nl
Tue May 27 18:17:23 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Thu 22 May, clawrenc at cup.hp.com wrote:
> This also does not remove possibility of players creating presumed
> permanent traces of their passage.  Sure its an endless grassy plai
> undistinguished by any differentiating features from horizon to
> horizon, but our friend Bubba sat down in the middle of it and lit a
> bonfire.

> You're going to have it so that players *can't* light bonfires in
> virtual rooms or do any other things that might leave permanent
> effects?

Why not make the ashes of that bonfire a very real object in that
area that will be present in the room every time that room is re-
created. Of course you also have to make it decay over time but
that's something I find in most muds anyway.

Yes - at last - You. I Choose you. Out of all the world,
out of all the seeking, I have found you, young sister of
my heart! You are mine and I am yours - and never again
will there be loneliness ...

Rolan Choosing Talia,
Arrows of the Queen, by Mercedes Lackey

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