[MUD-Dev] Resets, repops and quests

Ling K.L.Lo-94 at student.lut.ac.uk
Tue May 27 18:20:08 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Alex Oren wrote:

> Have been a bit busy a bit lately and didn't follow the discussions.
> I'm now under a curse compelling me to catch up with the list (~800 messages
> worth of backlog... <gulp!>).

Haha! :)
I've got a helpline somewhere for that kind of thing...

> The question that was left unanswered is: How can a mud have a working
> quest system without some kind of resets? 
> Consider having a skill-based MUD (no concept of "levels") in which
> players can gain imm status (or any other benefit) upon completing, say,
> 20 quests of varying degree of difficulty.  Assume we have a user base
> of 100 players.


Oki..  You need a quest system to create new imms?  How about hand picking
them so it's not an 'eventual' thing.  Anyway, a quest a friend came up
with was this (inspiration is Shi):

The setting is an unstable warzone.
Multiple clans beating each other up, they're all equally balanced.
All the clans desire a print which has a historical attachment. 
Player is recruited by one clan to rescue the print from another clan.
Players how have completed the quest will also get decked by other clans
	on sight.

This quest is, by virtue, repeatable without reset.

An alternative is to hand run quests occassionally.  But there's no reason
why you can't do both.  You'll need to change the way you plan out areas.
Instead of putting restting puzzles in there, you put in some land and

> Just another thing, let me add that I really like the quest concept on
> one hand but highly value a consistent storyline on the other (probably
> comes from being a DM for too long). 

Good man. :)

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