[MUD-Dev] Alright... IF your gonan do DESIESE...

Jeff Kesselman jeffk at tenetwork.com
Tue May 27 22:21:32 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

At 08:35 PM 5/27/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>There is a very simple solution to that. Use a system similar to the
>ATP ranking system. If you can acquire more experience points given a
>certain time than the player directly above you in the ranking you will
>swap places. 

Oh gods, no....  in order to be highlevel you have to be oen of the insane
40 hours/week players?

Also, this system of yours means you have to be farming exp constantly,
instead of RPing, or you will LOSE what you have accomplished.

This soudsn likea  god awful mess to me, frankly, anda  GREAT way to scare
off most of your players and insrue the ones left do no roleplaying.


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