[MUD-Dev] Alright... IF your gonan do DESIESE...

Caliban Tiresias Darklock caliban at darklock.com
Wed May 28 14:41:55 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Marian Griffith wrote:
> Which is what I feel is what defines a roleplaying game from other games.
> And I don't think that most games available realy qualify as roleplaying
> at that; especially not the first person computer games full of guns and
> monsters that are popular.

I don't think anyone will argue about that... I may be wrong. They
called 'Eye of the Beholder' a role playing game, and no one seemed to
disagree very strongly.

> If the game isn't centered around players and person (and social interaction)
> then it is a game, but there is little to no role being played.

I think I'd modify that statement a little, to "if the game does not
place an emphasis and importance on social interaction". 

A simple thought, perhaps a really bad one: perhaps the more traditional
combat MUDs could encourage more social interaction by providing bonus
experience to teams and groups? In such a case, a player would need to
interact with others in at least a rudimentary fashion in order to
realise the benefits he desires more quickly.

> Many players would argue that playing with others basically distracts from
> the game (and reduces the speed at which you advance through the levels
> because you have to share your experience points with them).

To phrase this in a somewhat deprecating fashion... that's the popcorn,
not the movie. Not that people don't like popcorn without movies, but
the question is are you there to eat popcorn or watch a movie? Either is
perfectly appropriate, but different people have different preferences.
> > In the game I'm planning, there's not much in the
> > world to be experimented with, and what there *is* doesn't tend to be
> > deadly.
> Which is a pretty certain way to make the powergamers stay well clear
> of your game. What point in having the sword of ultimate destruction
> if there's nothing to chop up with it?


I don't like powergamers. I don't want powergamers. And the more
unattractive I can make my game world to the powergamer, the better I
like it. ;)

This is not to say that powergamers are evil and should be slaughtered
wholesale in nazi-style concentration camps. They're just not
appropriate for the kind of game I want to develop. 
> But I'm willing to try anything at least once.

Well said. :)

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