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Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Wed May 28 23:52:06 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

> From: Jeff Kesselman <jeffk at tenetwork.com>
> At 11:03 PM
> >Gamelords, Ltd. circa 1981.  I have a copy of it along with "The 
> >Phantasmagorical Montie Haul Dungeon".  The company also produced a 
> >game called Thieves' Guild with many interesting scenarios dealing 
> Actually, wasn;t theives guild a subscription service of AD&D modules
> (before TSr had even heard or thought of the idea of a "module") set in
> that setting? Or am I thinm of DM guild or soem such thing?

Yes, it was a subscription-type service.  Purchased supplements
came that added new rules sections, scenarios, replacement pages.  Page
numbering was such that it integrated into the original bound rules.
Nice idea.  Everything in one sourcebook and up to date.  Definitely
not a popular idea today, with the current trend to split the game 
system into dozens of separate manuals ($$$).

And No, TSR had many of their modules out about the same time.
Judges' Guild was killed by TSR in a very odd manner, if I remember
correctly.  It had to do with JG defaulting on a loan from one of the 
principals in TSR or TSR itself.  

> Which is the big reason Im grinnign over TSR's imminent demise :)
Really? I haven't paid much attention lately to what's going on
with TSR.
White Wolf, Talasorian, Steve Jackson and others seem to be breaking
into more interesting territory. :) 


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