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Marian Griffith gryphon at iaehv.nl
Thu May 29 00:25:00 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Tue 27 May, Chris Gray wrote:
> [Marian:]

> So you need a teacher (a player preferably) to teach
> :you a skill (and how well this teaching goes depends on the abilities of
> :both teacher and student, i.e. the teacher can't teach better than she her-
> :self does and depending on the intelligence of the student she won't do
> :even that well). Once you have learned a skill as well as the teacher is
> :able to teach you, you must practice to realise that potential.

> If you keep to that rule strictly, the skill will eventually fade away
> (over generations, however). In truth, some students eventually exceed
> the skill of their teacher(s), and some highly skilled practioners are
> able to raise the level of the skill itself, by discovering new techniques
> and tricks. Modelling this can be as simple as doing it somewhat randomly
> for the first part, and then occasionally rewarding massive amounts of
> practice with an increase in skill level, regardless of the skill level
> of the teacher.

though I prefer to make increasing skill levels something that is at least
somewhat under the player's conscious control. I.e. a player can decide to
spend lots of time, and other scarce resources, in devotion to the study of
some kind of arcane skill. The price must be such that most players wouldn't
bother with this (and skill levels should matter that much that it means
life or death to not have the highest possible level. If you can at all
find out how well you know a skill in the first place).
By the same method I would like to have players be able to -invent-
entirely new skills.

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