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Fri May 30 11:37:08 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Thu, 29 May 1997, Raz wrote:

> On Tue, 27 May 1997 20:38:13 PST8PDT, Shawn Halpenny wrote:
> > This I like and plan to have something embodying the same concepts.  You
> > can pretty much do whatever you like, become whatever you want.  There's
> > a large amount of freedom in that:  you're not forcing someone to play
> > your game, but instead are giving them the means to (in a sense) create
> > their own game as they go along.  Much more enriching and fun, methinks.
> My thoughts too, and my ultimate aim, I think.  Main reason for this post
> is to ask Adam a question though...
> What's the 'aim' of your game..?  Why will people play it?  (In fact, can
> they play a game, or do they experience a world?)

<g> I'm not Adam, but I might be able to spark something interesting (at
least an interesting disagreement ;) if I answer these questions in my own
context. I'm aiming ultimately at something quite similar in idea to Adam
- more of a world where players make their own game.

The 'aim' of the game is what you make it. If your personal aim is to
become a butcher, and run a shop in a town, then you work towards that. If
your aim is to become one of the nobility, and amass an army to wage war
on the emperor to take the throne.. then good luck. If you just want to be
a simple adventurer, and putter about doing good deeds (or bad deeds), big
or small quests, or not, then you can. The underlying aim is for everyone
to have fun, in a world that has some of everything (well, not literally,
but theoretically).

Why will people play? Why will people play any mud? Hopefully because
it'll be something different, and more attractive than some of the other
muds. Because it should be fun. <g>

Do they play a game, or experience a world? That depends. It's a loaded
question, really - I'd say a bit of both. There are game elements there to
be played by powergamers, or possibly roleplayers, and those in the
middle.. but theres a world there they can take part in too.

For a good example of a world (albeit in a slightly basic mud structure),
you should check out Core 2696 ( 4000), which has heavy
involvement potentials for players & citizens (wizards of a sort).

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