[MUD-Dev] Levels and Goals [was Alright..IF your gonan do

Jeff Kesselman jeffk at tenetwork.com
Fri May 30 22:15:24 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Nice idea JC but, unfortunately, it runs against the entire fabric of
online business.

Ulktimatle, wherther your mdoel is subscription, ad revenue, or anything
else, your money ultimatley is measure in eye-hours inside of your service.
 A service that buidls barriers to entry is not likely to be succesful..
.the whoel poitn is to make the buying decision as EASY as possible...

In order to get the kidns of numbers you need.. we look for 200+ new users
per day at TEN .. you can't have an entry process that is either labor
intensive or unscalable.

You CAN toss people out, and we do, but thats about it.


At 08:25 PM 5/30/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>In < at mail.tenetwork.com>, on 05/28/97 
>   at 09:41 PM, Jeff Kesselman <jeffk at tenetwork.com> said:
>>Urm.  Thats just oen of a host of problems.  I coudl do a long psot
>>on this but i don't have the tiem currently.
>>Suffice it to say if there is ANY way to be significantly more
>>powerful then soem other groui pof players, a group of players wil
>>lfind it, exploit it and try to domiante the game.
>>If there is NO such thoing as pwoer levels, they will try verbal
>>abuse, intimidation and hacking.
>This would seem possible to handle in a commercial setting by changing
>the token that is bought:
>  $15 purchases an application to join the game.  Note: The company 
>    has no obligation to approve applications (may partially return 
>    $$$ for refused applications, and may limit applications from 
>    players to # per month).
>  $10 purchases your right to play the game for X hours _IF_ your 
>    application is approved.
>  An approved application is valid for YY hours of play.  Most 
>    applications will be automatically re-submitted and approved 
>    by default by the company.  Should a player prove troublesome
>    the application will be denied on its next submission.
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