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At 08:26 PM 5/30/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>"A real and direct effect" is not equal to "hurt".  Even one player
>killing another in a Doom challenge has created a "real and direct
>effect" on the other player, but I'd have a hard time viewing that as

But a Doom kill has no lasting value. Instant regeneration. You lose "a
point" and thats it.  YOUR poitn was knwoing that you had a SIGNIFICANT
impact on the other perso nwas part of the kick.  Seems to me yo uare
contradicting yourself.

>Equally I'd argue that the ability for PK'ers to so dominate and
>"ruin" a game is proof positive of a glaring design flaw in the game

Yep, but its not a etchnical flaw. Its a lack of focus in the design of the
game. No "goal". As a result, different players are playign different games.

Hell, soem peopel actually ENJOY boxing as a sport. As logn asthey do it in
the boxing room on each other and not in my living room on me, i coudl care
Thats a question of having a well defined and agrred on game that everyone
is playing.

Problem is, you were right the FIRST time.  In any game I've seen so far
that was NOT a pure combat-mud, the Pkillers all preyed on peoepl who did
NOT want to play that game, because the pwoer kick was so much greater when
they screwerd up someone elses good time.  DSO is a GREAT example. We
eventually craeted two seperate servers, one as an RP mud and one as a
combat mud. None of our Pkillers were the least interested in goign over
and fighting in the combat MUD.  Instead they just treid to screw with the
RP MUD until we tossed em out.

Im not syaing combat-MUD players don't exist, but I AM sayign that most
Pkillers AREN'T combat MUD players, not really.  As some one pointed out--
theya re assholes.

If you are going to do PK, you need to do it right, and that
>requires it to be balanced both on its in-game effects and its
>inter-player effects.  It can be done.  It has been done.  
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