[MUD-Dev] Resets, repops and quests

Chris Gray cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA
Sun Jun 1 14:43:48 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

:I don't like quests.  This is one reason I've never taken to LPs.  They
:are too linear - and before you argue, you'll never get a quest randomized
:enough or with enough built-in paths to make it non-linear enough for me.
:Our standpoint is to look at things from a simpler perspective.  How do
:stories and quests emerge in real life?  Simple - they just emerge based
:on people's actions.  There's no one (in my book, anyhow) that sits up in
:the sky carefully creating things for humans to do.

I've never imagined that quests in MUDs and other computer games have
any relationship to real life. I've always thought of them modelling the
quests that occur in mythology and fiction. Those often are quite
linear. Also, in a good quest, it should be reasonably obvious as to
what you need to accomplish (perhaps not how) at any given point, so the
fact that the sequence is linear has never bothered me, and, I'm guessing,
does not bother most puzzle solvers. The quests that do bother me are
those where you haven't the faintest idea of what you are trying to
accomplish. Randomly running around like a chicken with its head cut
off has never attracted me.

Chris Gray   cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA

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