[MUD-Dev] Life

Huibai ashen at pixi.com
Sun Jun 1 16:27:36 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

: From: Jeff Kesselman <jeffk at tenetwork.com>
: >The way I hope to accomplish this is to focus on the story and
: >environment, instead of the other players, and then let the players
: >work out how they approach the game - in a role they've defined

: Sorry but i have to do this...


: Have fun.  Ive seen it, I knwo it, the "Im just buuilding a world"
: approach does NOt work for a large general population. MAYEB
: if you hand pick your group... but that handpicked group coudl get
: along anywhere then.

well, yes, by my theme alone I am building to a specific group
of people.  those familiar with it are pretty much guaranteed to
be very mature and self-responsible.  those unfamiliar will either 
appreciate the environment set up or quickly find it pointless.
fortunately for me, the only other place for them to get along is
poorly constructed, and for RPers only.

i have not RP'd in a group larger than 10, nor in any homogenous
group, but the ensuing mayhem was always a direct result of
the inability for roll- and role-players to understand the differences
in their goals.  in live-action it's impossible to force them to stay
IC without either separating groups physically or compromising
gametime with verbal warnings.  the main advantage a computer
RP-wannabe game has over a live-action is the seamless nature
of not hearing neither the dice roll nor the lawyers claim that
what they did is legal.  i'm not only 'just building a world', i'm
laying down the laws, and they are very clear in my mind.


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