PKilling (was Life)

Brandon Gillespie brandon at
Mon Jun 2 10:24:12 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Ok.. I admit, I havn't followed the full Life thread, so I'm not sure if
this has already been brought to light, but my basic opinion is that
killing of any type should be allowed, period, because its ''realistic''.
However, on the same hand, so are criminal investigations and prosecution.
How I plan on handling it in the system I'm (slowly) evolving on the Cold
Dark ( is summarized in my notes:

   Any time a character is killed, where, what who, when and why are all
   recorded.  Player Killing is allowed--but it will be punished by the
   ''law'' I.e. if somebody kills another player, the system notifies the
   ''law'' which will start an investigation.  Its mostly random that they
   will find enough evidence to convict somebody, although sometimes
   admins/staff may RP some of the investigators and likely find more
   information about the PKill, thus increasing the chances of finding the
   'murderer'.  This becomes even more likely when magic is tossed in.
   Unless some heafty money was paid out by the murderer on doing masking,
   its trivial for a Jzaoleux or Magi to do recent cognition (looking into
   the past), especially when using an effect--which is easilly available
   if the corpse is found.

Of course, the staff can also diddle with the ''randomness'' of it finding
and persecuting.  In the end, persecution would likely mean imprisonment
if not capital punishment--either way its usually the end of the
character.  So people wont like this?  Thats the idea--PKilling isn't
nice, nor should the reprecussions be nice.

-Brandon Gillespie

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