The reality of constant combat??

Jeff Kesselman jeffk at
Mon Jun 2 13:09:55 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

This was an interesting (i thinmk) issue that came out of the previous not
so productive thread I'ld like to explore briefly, if noone minds?

Its often assumed that combat is a logical problem solver ina MUD
environment. I'ld lvoe to hear any genuine historians on thsi lsit address
this, but from my understanding there has NEVER been a human societhy that
remained a society for teribly long where the answer to every problem or
offense  9or even the majority of them) was mortal combat.

Its worth noting that this is PRECISELy what quite a few sociologists
identify as the fundemental problem that has led to the desintegration of
society in the inner city.  To wit: that very very few people have the
coping skills to do anything about a disagreement except respond with

While PvP migth make an engaging tactical game (ala Doom, Duke, Diku or
whatever) I'ld argue that if you are trying to model a society you need to
put STRICT "legal" controls on where and when it is allowed with
devistationg consequences to the rbeaking of the rules.



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