[MUD-Dev] RP/PG examples

Jeff Kesselman jeffk at tenetwork.com
Wed Jun 4 22:45:44 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

At 08:32 PM 6/4/97 PST8PDT, caliban wrote:
>On Tue, 3 Jun 1997 19:16:39 PST8PDT, Jeff Kesselman
><jeffk at tenetwork.com> wrote:
>>>The RPer (in my opinion) does not work 'within' the system. The RPer
>>>works without regard or concern for the system. The system itself is a
>>>necessary annoyance. The RPer is instead concerned with the end result
>>Um... no.  This is nto m yexperience. The roleplayer works within the
>>system for design and growth of his character.  He is nto hwoever obesessed
>>WITh the system as a system. he or she sees it as a definitional tool
>>defining the environment in which he or she plays.
>>Yes, you Do occasionally get those who try to ignore the world setting...
>I think you may be confusing 'system' and 'world'. The environment is
>certainly of concern to the RPer, but the mechanics of that environment
>are generally not dwelled upon. 

Ah, hokay, mea culpa.  Ive been dealign too muc hwith AD&D at the moment,
where they are intertwined.  Given a truely seperable system (and there are
few in pen and paper, but Hero springs to mind) the system is the tool used
to build the conception.  Conception is not based on what the tool does.

>>If those tyoys mean ntohing because the system is so
>>off balance that there are a very few "right" toys to use... he wil lfidn
>>the, use them, and complain about it.

>>On the other hand Roleplayers reallly enjoy a silly diversion. its not
>>where they sopend most of their time, but games like TOON and Illuminati
>>have always been VERY popular in RP circles.
>Well, yeah. As a change of pace.



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